The Think-Tank Case Study

What kind of hindrances do you think the team would be likely to encounter?

The team would likely to face many of the hindrances that could affect their productivity. They can face the hindrance in good communication. It must be noticed that effective communication tend to increase the teamwork. Poor communication could serve as an obstacle in developing the productive atmosphere at work. Members of the team who would not communicate with each other, or they are not aware of the proper channels of communication to utilize when they work in teams could disastrously create the work breakdown which would ultimately affect the team development.

In organizations, a work team is formed so that organizational goals could be achieved (Starren, Hornikx & Luijters, 2013). However, those goals could be for certain project, or they could be for the ongoing work that reflects the responsibilities of the department.  The key hindrance for the team was that they were not given clear instructions about what to do. When such tasks and goals are not presented in a clear manner by the management, or they are not provided with clear individual responsibilities which helped them in achieving the goals, so the team could not work effectively. In the case, members of the team are unclear as to what their job duties are and what they are supposed to do.

On the other hand, managers tend to create effective teams which consist of qualified staff members so as to accomplish the programmed tasks. Another hindrance that team can face is lack of support from the manager. When the manager did not find sufficient time so that they could involve in the execution of the duties of team, then the capability of creating the environment that foster effective teamwork is susceptible. Every member of the team need a leader, and if the leader is not there who can act as resource to team members and also delegate responsibility, then team would not be capable of being emerging properly (Körner et al., 2016).


Given that think-tanks were at one time rejected as an outdated way of thinking up new ideas, do you think that the team has any real chance of success? Explain.

I do not surmise that the group has any genuine possibility of accomplishment in the wake of being rejected as an obsolete state of mind up new thoughts. Thinking little of the group with respect to their thoughts resemble concealing their utilization of innovative new thoughts. Imagination is regularly described as the capacity to create unique thoughts by making new associations between apparently random thoughts and things. Skill and imaginative deduction are an individual’s crude materials—his or her natural resources.

At the point when confronting an issue or an issue, taking the right choice is a principal errand. Basic intuition helps us to comprehend the upsides and downsides of each conceivable result and to esteem them as per the objective we need to accomplish. Enhancing its usage in the work environments, can results in better choices, less errors and in a huge change of the cooperation between individuals inside the same association.

The rejection of the way teams think has limited their ability to think critically that would have benefited the organization. The use of critical thinking in the organization had important impact on the link between people working at different levels or people working within the similar teams. In actual fa, when utilizing the unreflective and unreasonable thinking, theories are the priori discarded or might be they are not significantly evaluated as a result of which personal comparisons and personal bias tend to affect the final decision. In the event that reasoning in groups is disposed of, there would be less or no odds for team achievement.