The incidences of feral children pose a particularly fascinating glimpse into language. Explain a situation where language does not develop fully or naturally. Are there corrective measures that can be taken?

There have been many cases of feral children recorded in the past. These cases are sometimes believed to be not true but in few the research work has been so extensive it is hard to deny the facts that the feral children, raised in the animal world or away from the human contact lack certain human abilities and skills that are usually taught in the normal human interactive environment. The terms like “ostrich boy”, “gazelle boys”, and “wolf girls” are used to describe the children who have fend for themselves sin the world for too long that they have forgotten the way to interact with humans. The cases like the one highlighted in 1970s, about Gina, highlights how a thirteen years old girl was left strapped to a chair with no interaction. This caused little development the children brain and she was not able to say the word or even discriminate between wrong and good when presented with stimuli. There have been other cases when children rose in the wild use symbols and animal howling to communicate and make other people understand. Though through this they are able to communicate their ides, they still lack the ability to communicate like normal human beings (Candland, 1995).

The measure that can be taken is the interaction the understanding of the symbols of the children who do not have their language fully developed. Then these symbols can be converted to words and the terms that are more closely related to the normal human language. There are other cases when the children are not able to use language or their language is not fully developed when they’re abused. The children who are raised in family where parents are mute also causes the same factors but the intensity is different because in the last two mentioned cases the children are at least able to act normally while in case of feral children, the children are no les then humans and have certain needs Which of not fulfilled cause troubles.