What implications does the fact that puberty is starting earlier have for the nature of schooling? In what ways do school cultures help or hurt students who are going through adolescence. Think of your own social and physical development and use your own experiences.

The school culture helps or hurts the children dealing with early puberty. Some of the students face emotional changes along with their physiological changes. These changes trigger certain moods and sometimes cause problems. The children dealing with early puberty are also mocked by the teaches and the students when they do not know much about the changes occurring in their body. The students however are not only affected by the schooling alone. If they are being taught and supported by their families they know better and then they are able to handle the emotional changes well and accept the changes in the body as well.

Some children do not like to sit in the crowded class rooms when they are dealing with puberty and are forced to sit still and through their lectures while they urge to go out and do something else. The changes in body lead to the change sin mood that triggers behaviours and sometimes when there is no support the moods develop long term effects.

For instance, from my own experience one of the students in my class was forced to leave the class in embarrassment to find the nurse while the boys and girls made fun of her. These things continued until after the month and after that. The girl found solitude a better place to deal with her emotions and hence she was the only girl with no friends and no peers. The same case also triggered feared amongst other students to not share or show the changes in their bodies and emotions when they reached their puberty.