Distinguish between neutralizers and substitutes in leadership.

Dionne, Yammarino, Atwater & James (2002), are of the opinion that where leadership substitute reduces the need of the leadership, the leadership neutralizers affect the leadership in terms of its impact on the organization and teams. The factors called neutralizers include the power concerns, the experiences and the perception of the work force under the leadership. The examples to understand the difference can be the responsible work force working under the highly qualified and well experienced leadership is leadership substitute while the leadership that had non- influential power in the past dealing with workforce with perception that the previous role of the leadership was not as effective as it is now, will neutralize the leadership. In such cases the leadership cannot take actions that it must or need to. The perception of the workforce that the leadership they are following now is not component enough and now sufficient to deal with the issues will heed less on the impacts of the leadership and its concerns (Dionne, Yammarino, Atwater & James, 2002).