Dirks explore follower trust in the leader-follower relationship. He observes that follower trust in the leader appears to influence the level of team performance. Explain why follower trust is important, and how it influences team (group) performance.

The leadership- follower relationship is built on the factors of motivation to work together, acceptability of each other in term of culture and others and the level of trust the parties show for each other. Ehen there is no trust in the leadership; the followers will not feel safe following the leader’s plan and their strategies. When it comes to the team performance, the leaders trust is important because of many factors including that the followers feel protected and valued; the followers feel that they are being valued equally in the team as other members are and more. The trust is developed through satisfaction and the understanding of the leader towards its tem members.

The followers trust enables the followers to complete their tasks without the fear or insecurity.  The followers are able to communicate without fear and collaborate with each other. These factors help the team perform better. The trust with the leadership in turn triggers trust with fellow team members.        The followers also believe in the goals and the objectives that are developed by the leadership for the team members. The satisfaction that the leadership will lead the team into the right direction reduces the followers concern and highlights their focus on the targets that they are meant to achieve.