Differentiate between divergent and convergent thinking. What role do both play in the creative problem solving process?

Convergent thinking is the sort of supposing we do when understanding a distinct, direct, adjust answer to an issue. Convergent thinking is utilized when there is a basic, right response to an inquiry. Conversely, divergent thinking is the sort of supposing we do when tackling a dynamic or new issue that has numerous conceivable answers, arrangements, or results. Divergent thinking includes hunting down a response to an issue that can have numerous arrangements. Convergent thinking includes the inverse which is finding a novel answer for an issue (Razumnikova, 2013).

Maybe the key to the Creative Problem Solving procedure is the utilization of both divergent and merged thinking. Creativity requires consistent moving, blender beats of dissimilar speculation and concurrent considering, consolidating new data with old and overlooked thoughts. Profoundly inventive individuals are great at marshaling their brains into two-sided mode, and the more imaginative they are, the more they double motivate (Razumnikova, 2013)..


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