What is the difference between a threat and an attack?  How would you distinguish between the two?  What can you do to help prevent one or the other?

In the field of information security, a threat is the presence of a constant danger to the integrity of information. This could be in the form of a person or a computer virus or malware etc. On the other hand, an attack is the actual act to exploit the vulnerabilities of the information security system.

There are a number of ways to prevent threats and attacks that could compromise the information security. The IT system should be developed and managed in such a way that it is protected with the help of soft and hard firewalls, antiviruses and antimalware that are up to date are some of the possible ways.

Face-to-face meetings have always been the preferred communication method for businesses. Activities such as negotiating important deals, collaborating with colleagues, and meeting with staff are usually done in person because it’s productive, efficient, and easier to determine body language. But as companies slash costs for travel, and now that teams are spread across different locations, holding face-to-face meetings have become increasingly challenging. Enter video conferencing. As one of the more prominent collaboration features offered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing has many advantages to offer businesses. With the introduction of VoIP technology, many companies quickly adopted video conferencing as a way to communicate and stay connected.