Describe the unique features of e-commerce. Do you use your phone or computer to shop online? Is this technology safe?

E-commerce business has become an essential part of the small and large business corporations. There are many unique features of e-commerce that make it an effective way to shop online. Following are a few of them.

  1. Global Reach: e-commerce has a global reach and is not restricted by physical boundaries.
  2. Universal Standards: Only one set of internet standards apply to the e-commerce shopping.
  3. Content Richness: E-commerce enable online shop owners to include videos, audios, images and other electronic information with their products.
  4. User Content generation: Users can comment on the products and write reviews to the products that are available in the online shops hence more users can read it and make a purchasing decision.
  5. Personalized communication: online technologies make it possible to communicate directly with customers for their feedback.

Yes, I do use computer and mobile for online shopping. In fact I did some online shopping on just yesterday. I believe it is safer than it used to be a few years back. Shopping websites are using HTTPS extensions that are an added online shopping security. Also most of the credit cards have extra security checks to prevent identity frauds.