Describe what occurs in a relationship between a follower and a leader who share a charismatic relationship.

Howell & Shamir (2005) have explained the basis of leader- follower relationship on charismatic leadership is very influential. The leader charisma is an important factor to motivate employees and help them understand, as an example, what is expected of them. The charismatic leader derive the followers by setting an example of them as well as encourage them to follow the lead based on values that are good and understood widely. The charismatic leader is the one with influential personality, the right set of control and experiences to let the image in the followers perception strengthen that he deserves to lead them and they whose be following his commands (Howell  & Shamir, 2005).

At the same time, Shamir, House & Arthur (1993) are of the opinion that in a relationship where charismatic factor is involved, the followers find comfort following the leadership because they are influenced by the personality of the leader. Being charismatic does not, however, means that the leadership is successful. In some cases the leadership may have a pleasant personality and power to influence the followers with charismatic personality, but no experience to deal with the followers and the operations of the organization. Is such cases the success of the organizational and their relationship between the charismatic lead and followers is different. The true charismatic leadership focuses on the development of sound relationship based on the right amount of control, motivation, Influence and charisma (Shamir, House & Arthur, 1993).

The charismatic leaders have sound relationship with their followers that are not only work related- meaning skill based- but also social related. The charismatic leader will l addresses the followers with their names and enquires after their personal problems and the activities that they are doing under their assigned jobs. The leader also gives a chance for followers to speak to them and share their ideas. They closely bound with the followers to make them feel they are valued and followers think that such leadership is needed the person who is a charismatic leader should remain his leader. There are many positive aspects of charismatic leadership but it some cases when followers try to follow the leadership based on their charismatic personalities lead to wrong methods. Also the charismatic leader where shine brightly in an environment also cause others to remain in shades and that effects the perception of the followers regarding their own creativity and confidence at times.