Case Study: Nightingale Project

Will the project as planned meet the October 25th Deadline?

No, the project is timetable to be finished on the ninth of December 2010. This will make the venture 33 working days past due.

What activities lie on the critical path?

There are 15 basic exercises in this system as below:-

How sensitive is this network?

Sensitivity has been characterized as the probability that the basic way will stay stable amid the culmination of the task. It is an element of the measure of slack non-basic exercises has and in addition the quantity of various basic ways (Leach, 2014; Elmaghraby, 2000). The content characterizes affectability as the probability that the basic way may change over the span of the task. Sensibility results from the quantity of basic ways and the measure of slack accessible to non-basic exercises. In view of the data gave, this anticipate is a genuinely insensitive system. Majority of the non-critical activities were took place between twenty to thirty seven days of the slack, above their estimated time duration. The exceptions of lone were price components that have only five days of slack in addition to the order custom parts that has eight days of slack. Though, provided the nature of these activities it is not likely that these tasks would consume more than five days outside their estimated time duration to complete. Hence, it must be noted that there exist only two critical activities which are order custom parts and document design during the second half of the project, after the initial burst of activities.