Question 1Case Study Hillchurch Council

Question 1:  Use story telling in order to get some insights in to the problem.

Hill church council is facing numerous issues and the only possible solution is the bypass. As per some problems this by pass is getting delayed and this is the reason why residents and other people are facing difficulties. Car parking is one of the major issues because a new college is to be built as well as a superstore. Furthermore on weekends and in summer this place becomes overloaded and in the end the situation becomes worse. This situation needs proper understanding. Important is to see what the actual problem is and what best solutions can be made. This is the only possible method with the help of which entire condition can be resolved properly. Need for more wardens are not important, important is to clear the bypass construction agreement and this will help in reducing the parking issue. For this specific purpose, it is also important to see how parking issue can be resolved. On the other hand, governmental interference is required so that proper solutions can be made.

Last but not the least, it is also important to identify the need of the residents and to see what other problems they are facing. This is the only best possible method with the help of which overall outcomes can be generated positively. These all methods altogether can therefore help in brining valuable outcomes to reduce further issues.