Case Study 2: Jo Soap

How would you advise Helena? Use synectics to gain some insights into the problem.

In the above stated case, it is vivid and clear that Jo attitude towards Helena is rigid and this is not a correct way when people work together. As mentioned Helena tried to solve the issue in the absence of Jo and this was not recognized correctly by Jo. At this point of time, important is to first clear the entire situation. If the next person is not willing to listen, try to write him so that situation is clear in front of the other person. Secondly, important is to see what is being affected. In any working environment, important is to protect the working conditions and this was what done by Helena. Therefore the actual problem was that before resolving the issues, Helena didn’t informed Jo and if she informed Jo the entire situation, this could not happen. Communication done in written format is important as it helps in resolving every single issue and outcomes will also not get affected.