What traits or characteristics do you think of related to entrepreneurial leaders? Using Business Source, Academic Search, or Psychology sources, locate a journal article addressing traits or characteristics of entrepreneurial leaders. What do you do if a journal article you find is not full text? Explain steps to take to secure the item.

I searched Google Scholar and found an article that was written in the light of research done on entrepreneurial leadership. According to the article, the fundamental traits of an entrepreneurial leader are: seeking opportunities, needing to achieving set goals, being independent minded, taking risks and innovating (Fernald, Solomon and Tarabishy, 2005).

I found this article related to entrepreneurial leadership (Prabhu, 1999) which is not available on full text. I clicked on the title of the article on Google Scholar and I was taken to the journal in which the article was submitted. I was provided an option to buy or rent the article in an HTML or PDF form from the website.