After reading the entire scenario, I have decided to act as a Telian. I have chosen to act as a Telian as there is a greater chance to be active diplomatically. Telian is at the receiving end of the scenario in case of an aggression by the Empire and the Federation or on the other hand if as a Telian , we successfully negotiate a deal , we can be receiving many benefits that will help our society progress in terms of economy and technologically.

This is a fact that the extraction of the mineral like essenium might pose dangers to our environment. But this is also a fact that if Telian do not find a middle way, Telos could face an ultimate destruction. Telos is not very strong technologically. It does not have a regular army. It also do not possess weapons that could help it fight with the Empire. The Empire is very powerful and it wants the mineral badly. Usually powers in this position use are interested in what they want and do not care what happens to the host population. The Empire has threatened that it will kill 1/10 of the population and re-format the brains of the remaining population making them slaves. His means that if they act on what their intentions show, Telian civilization will meet its ultimate end. The populations will be reprogrammed to serve the Empire and the basic foundation of the Telian society will exist no more.

As Telians we would negotiate with the Empire to take us on board. Make us partners in their venture and accept the rights of our population and those who work to assist the Empire getting to the minerals. If successful, this negotiation will bring an end to the eminent attack b the Empire and they will come to the negotiating terms. We will also negotiate that Telo will remain sovereign. The Empire will help us fight outside aggression.  And will help us build a functioning state in terms of providing us with the technological help that we need. The Empire will have exclusive rights to our minerals but they should agree to pay us royalties. I am certain that the Empire will agree to our proposal as they will get what they want without fighting and destruction.

I did not choose to opt for the offer by the Federation as they also want concessions that would definitely relate to exclusive rights to essenium deposits. They can militarily help us but it might be very late as their help will arrive in two weeks. Also if there is a fight between the Federation and Empire, it would be fought on Telos grounds and Telos will face a dangerous situation in this case.

This exercise has taught me that power is a tricky thing to possess. If you are powerful you may not be very careful about the consequences of your actions. You will obey your wishes and would be dangerous to the existence of the people that are less powerful than you. In this scenario, the Empire does not care what happens to the population at Telos. On the other hand the Federation will help Telos but want “concessions”. There is also another dimension of power. Its powerlessness. The Telos have a rich culture and dynamic society but are less powerful as compared to their neighbors. They are in constant threat and have to accept, sometimes unfair demands from its neighbors. In this scenario, Telians have accept most of the demands by either Empire or Federation to save its existence. This is because that Telos is not militarily and technologically strong.