Technology is becoming the way of the world. It seems like you can do almost anything online or with a computer. How has computers and or technology made a difference in your life? Has it had more of an impact in your personal life or your work life? Explain the reasons why?


Technology has had a large impact on both my personal and work life.  I use computers for recreation, for information gathering, for schoolwork, and communication. I also use a refrigerator and microwave fairly often.  Cars have computers that control them and I rarely go anywhere without my phone.  When I work, we use technology to take orders with our registers, we have a point of sale system, we use wireless headsets to communicate in drive-thru, ipads and bluetooth card readers to take orders outside, and screens in the kitchen and the front of the store to display orders.  From the watch that you wear to the ovens and ice makers, nearly everything you touch in your daily life is technology that you use.  I think the impact on my personal life is a bit larger than on my work life.  This is because I use technology for convenience and to do things I could not normally do when at home.  When I use technology at work it is in ways that make everything more efficient and easier.  We would still be able to take orders with pencil and paper, tell the kitchen, and sell food without the computer systems if we needed to.  We have had problems with our system in the past that necessitated it.  While the job would be a bit harder without the aid of technology, I would still be able to do it.  Without technology I would not be able to chat with my friends long distance or play games with them online.