Discuss the tactile technology as to how the  use of color, messages, and design impact the effectiveness of the item being discussed.  How will tactile technology impact our experience with technology?

I was able to grasp the ideal of the tactile sensor from the presentation. In my opinion, this is a sensor that is able to monitor the motion of the person or object that is moving around and sense their presence. The YouTube video went over my head but when I went through the presentation, it started making sense to me. That’s why I watched the video again. What I was able to learn that tactile sensing can be used to create a virtual world where we won’t have a physical object but would be able to feel a virtual one.

The presentation uses the example of Kinect sensor that comes with the Microsoft Xbox. Over here I would write the account of what I understood of the tactile functioning.

For a tactile sensor to work, a light source attached with it sends out some kind of light waves that touch the object or the person and goes back to the sensor and it can find out its distance and the way it moves, I mean moving patterns. An RGB camer is also required to recognize faces. Over here I was able to understand that the depth data is collected from the shape of the object or the person. What I was not able to understand is how it can recognize colors if it does?

As it has been said that this technology can be really important to assist the visually impaired to walk around and get sensations from obstacles to their own tactile sensors. It could really change their lives.