The Age of Music Piracy Is Officially Over

By Paul Boutin


Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you agree with the author’s point that the main reasons for music piracy are no longer valid? Why or why not?

Yes I do agree with the author that the main reasons for music piracy are no longer valid. I mean we have apple store, amazon and many more selling legitimate music the payments against which are fairly earned by the singers, band members and others involved bringing the music to us.

  1. Do you think it’s possible for musicians and music companies to reverse the downward trend of the industry? How?

Yes I do think that musicians and music companies can reverse the downward trend of the industry. The answer is simple, produce real quality music and stop producing just anything. Also the prices also need to be revisited.

  1. Many people enjoy creating mashups-hybrid songs or videos combining pieces of many other songs or videos. Because many of the original songs and videos are copyrighted, this kind of activity can violate copyright laws. Do you think the law should allow this kind of creative expression?

I think that a creative mashup should be allowed as the mashup may result in getting even more popularity to the original production.


  1. Digital technology makes it easier than ever for people to violate copyright laws. What, if anything, should be done to protect the intellectual property rights of the people who create pictures, videos, and music? Under what circumstances do you think it’s acceptable to copy sounds or images for use in your own work?

I think that tougher computer programming algorithms for security should be developed to stop the violation of intellectual copyrights. Tougher laws can also help. I think that there is no excuse to violate copyrights. I think that if something belonging is used like a music clip etc. due acknowledgement should be given.


  1. Thanks to modern electronic music technology, one person working in a garage can make a recording that would have required dozens of musicians and an expensive studio 20 years ago. What impact will electronic music technology ultimately have on the music profession?

I believe that we should accept the technological advancements. Electronic music will ultimately replace the traditional music instruments. The traditional music instruments would become more dependent on technology in my opinion and become more digitized.


  1. How do artists gain from the Internet distribution, even if it is free?

Artists can gain in many ways. They can make a YouTube channel which gives them their due share from the earning in advertisement from their artistic production. These artists may also get more audience due to free internet distribution and get a chance to perform at paid concerts and other artistic events.