Video Questions 1B:  Watch “Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences” 


  1. Read the Focus Questions (below) in advance to help you catch key information.
  2. Take notes while watching.
  3. Summarize and answer the questions when you finish.


Take notes as you watch:

The purpose of the tutorial is to learn a variety of sentence structures for impact.

There are three sentence types:

Simple: Contain one piece of information and make sense on their own. They are very simple.

Compound: Two simple sentences and combine them with a conjunction.

Complex: They begin with a conjunction and them a “coma” between two simple sentences.

These techniques should be used to create an impact on the readers.










Summarize main ideas:

The exercise explains with example the use of three sentence types’ i.e. simple, compound and complex sentences to create text that can create an impact on the reader.


Focus Questions:

  1. What hint does Teacher-in-a-Pocket state regarding simple sentences?

Simple sentences live up to their name by being really nice and simple.


  1. What part of grammar makes two simple sentences into a compound sentence? Other examples of this part of grammar make up the acronym FANBOYS. However, there are other types of this part of grammar that we will view a video of and discuss in class.

A Conjunction makes two simple sentences into a compound sentence.


  1. What is an impact sentence? Why is it important to include when writing a paragraph?

The impact sentence can be a simple sentence that is used to create an impact on the reader. It is important due to the fact that they can make the text interesting to the reader in creating an impact as I earlier said.


  1. Although the video explains three types of sentences, which we prefer in business writing, English has a fourth type. Name the fourth type of sentence (Hint: Guffey can tell you); and, using the sentences you wrote for Video Worksheet 1A, write the fourth sentence type.

The fourth type is a Compound-Complex sentence. These types of sentences are compound sentences with one or two independent clause have a dependent clause that makes them complex too.

Example: Compound Sentence: He shouted when he saw a snake.

Compound-complex sentence: He shouted when he saw a snake and ran away until he was safe.


Respond with your own thoughts, questions, connections, and conclusions: This tutorial has been well organized with examples that have been demonstrated with video effects. I would have loved some more examples also included to better explain the combination of many sentence types to create an impact.