Major Obstacles to success for international college students in USA

Education has always remained as one of the most important factors contributing it role in the prosperity of any nation on the globe. Its importance has never been denied and that is the reason individuals are always keen to set their educational goals and try to achieve them in order to take the most out of it. The purpose of this write up is to list some of the major problems that international students face on their journey towards achieving their educational endeavors in the United States.

Educational opportunities in the United States have not only been very competitive, but also very expensive especially when it comes to international students. International students are supposed to pay non-resident international tuition fees which is much higher than resident fees. Limited funding opportunities for home countries of the international students and very rare financial support by the host universities in the USA makes it very hard for international students to complete their higher studies successfully. Most of the students are looking for part time work which is again being limited by their visa status.

Cultural transition is another big issue that majority of the international students face. Students are not only exposed to the new culture of the United States of America but they also have to interact and live among a diverse array of cultures gathered from around the world. For majority of the students it is very hard to adapt to the new cultural environment and this hinders the smooth completion of their studies to much extent.

Medium of instruction being English is not new for majority of the students as most of the countries impart education in English, however the difficult part for international students while studying in USA is the new accent and the fluency of the language. Students may know the basic rules of the language and easily understand the reading and writing parts, but when it comes to listening and speaking, this new language offers many challenges for international students to face. The cultural differences also make the use of language much more difficult for them.

In short, being an international student in United States is a big challenge and requires a lot from the international students to get adjusted to and achieve their endeavors successfully. Overcoming these challenges not only requires efforts on the part of the students but also the host universities in terms of providing effective orientations to help new students get adjusted to the new culture, language and environment.