Letter of motivation for admission to “Master of Business in Finance”

I am writing to express my interest in applying for Master of Business in Finance at your esteemed institution. I believe that my interest, educational background and aptitude will fit into the criteria for selection as a Master’s student.

I did my graduate degree in education from the Faculty of Education, from Muhammad Bin Saud University Saudi Arabia. I worked for a year in the capacity of legislator in a public school in my country. Then I joined Saudi Factory Media Company in their media department as well as marketing of goods and services for around 3 years. Work experience in these two organizations also required me to deal with accounting and finance department, financial transactions and documentation of these transactions. While being in regular correspondence with accounting and finance department, I felt that I enjoy working with ledgers, income statements, revenues, profits, and other account statements. I took keen interest in accounting and finance activities and started learning several things. To further promote my learning in this area, I joined a training program in accounting management, from Training Institute of Saudi Arabia. This training was an eye opener for me, and it increased my interest and thirst for more learning and working in accounting and finance. This was a hands on training where we had to work with different accounting systems and managing different accounts from case studies and example transactions. To enhance myself as a professional, I also took a training in time management from the same institute. To strengthen my mathematical and statistical background skills and to be able to efficiently work with calculations, I completed one course in statistics and one course in accounting at Adam University, United States of America. These courses helped me learn the basic concepts and skills in statistics and accounting. These two courses were taught by the skillful teachers who gave us assignments, case studies, and other learning activities and conducted the course in a way to further increase my interest. However, I felt that I lag behind in my communication skills and have language problems. To help me with my written and verbal communication skills, I studied English for one and a half year at Pacific University Oregon, USA and Idaho State University, USA.

Based on my experience, academic background and my eager to learn, I feel myself to be well suited candidate for admission to Master of Business in Finance at your institution. The reason to select this institute is its highly qualified faculty, quality of education, and state of the art educational facilities. After completing my Master’s degree, I plan to work in the related industry for few years and prepare myself for various international professional certifications in finance and accounting. Looking forward to hear a positive response from you.