BGMT 308 Spring 2017                     Syllabus Quiz


Student _______________    Last four of Student I.D.  ____ _


  1. What is the author, title and ISBN number for the required textbook?

author  Hisrich, R. D., Peters, M. P., & Shepherd,

ISBN13: 9780078112843

Title: Entrepreneurship, 10th edition

  1. When should you use the professor’s personal cell phone number?

Only For Emergencies

  1. How many pages is the complete syllabus?

14 pages

  1. How many points do you get for participation and attendance in the course?

30 points

  1. How many points is the final project worth?

25 points

  1. What is the policy on ‘extra credit’, ‘make-up assignments’, ‘substitution of assignments’, ‘forced distribution grading scale’, and ‘ grading on improvement’?

None of them exists.
Even extra credit is rarely done.

  1. Where do you file a complaint for discrimination and/or harassment?

Contact the EEO/AA Coordinator.
It is located in the Office of Human Resources (Building 38, Suite 301-14)

  1. What is this course about?

Practice of Entrepreneurship Viewing Entrepreneurship from various fields such as sociology, economic theory, and math.

  1. When is the last day of class?

Wednesday April 26th

  1. When is the midterm

Monday February 27th

  1. What are the professor’s office hours, and where are they held?

Tuesday and Thursday 4-5 p.m. or by appointment

  1. When do presentations begin for final projects?

Monday April 10th

  1. Summarize the writing requirements (citation format, font, margins and the like )

Ideas must be clear and organized. There should be clear research findings. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.
Typed with black font 12 pt. on white paper, page numbers, clear paragraph designations.
Use at least 1”margins (sides, bottom, top), on 8 ½ x 11”, double-spaced, and stapled.
References and citations must be written according to APA style.