Turner Test Prep

1.  What is Jessica’s idea?

Jessica’s idea is to provide a test prep service for students graduating from college and workers who are seeking job advancement by taking the CPA exam.

2. How does Turner Prep overcome the competition from NTC?

Turner Prep overcomes the competition from NTC by providing one on one interaction with Jessica and receiving a comprehensive approach to studying. Turner Prep also has hired professors which teach for 1 hour per day. Turner Prep also has competitive pricing of $1,100 per student with a personal touch of providing comments and feedback from Jessica and professors. Jessica also allowed students to repeat the course if they failed the exam which allows her to compete against NTC.

3.  How can Jessica achieve greater market share?

Jessica can achieve greater market share by focusing on advertising her services which requires additional investment on her part. Jessica may also consider asking or hiring former students to speak with new students and explain their experience for a nominal fee. Jessica may also consider making information on her students pass rates more readily available to interested parties (graduates, workers, etc.).

4.  What is Jessica’s break even point?

essica’s break even point for the number of students needed to cover costs is total fixed costs $146,400/1,100 price per student equals = 133 paying students per year.