I would try to search for information on the NASA website or in other peer reviewed journals to see if the claim is correct.

I believe that claim is credible as there are official confirmations with credible sources to back this claim.

With the information in my head from the above discussion, at the first glance I come to believe that the claim is correct and credible. Math is also right as there population is 309 million and through away 250 million tons waste each year. After i visited the website, it seems there are many claims and no real credible source to back the claim which makes me revert to a much less lower position about the credibility of the original claim.

First, there was no know and credible source to back the claim. Second they did not apologize and accept their mistake straight away.

I believe that news organizations should not be in a race to “break a new” faster than others. This race is definitely going to lead to mistakes like this. They share full responsibility and should be accountable for it as much as NPR is.

Social media has contributed a lot to the spread of false claims and news. I believe that social media owners are not doing enough to stop the spread of false claims and false news.


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