Read the article titled “Using Email Safely”. Next, identify the greatest potential threat to computer users when people and businesses send emails to communicate. Then, imagine that you are to educate a group of people on the threat you have identified. Explicate one (1) way in which you would explain the threat and suggest one (1) security control strategy to mitigate the threat in question.

In my opinion, the email security is the most important aspects of sending and receiving emails. Especially there are always scam emails that ask for personal information in different ways. If I had to educate a group of people to be aware of the scams that are targeted at stealing personal information, I would definitely advise that never disclose personal information to anyone asking via email. These scammers offer gifts and prizes which are all fake. I have myself this experience when I get an email asking for my personal information i.e. bank information so that a large amount of money can be transferred to it. I never believe in these emails and straightaway block these email addresses.