Organizational Research

I want to work in a field that is related to my current studies and which will help me develop as a better professional person. I want to work in the Middle East as it is the region I belong to and also there are many opportunities for people from the same cultural backgrounds and also for international people. I have compared two organizations i.e. Ak Jalila Foundation that is non-profit organization and Jemrirah that is a worldwide luxury hotel chain with it’s headquarter in Dubai.

Al Jalila Foundation

Al Jalila Foundation is a humanitarian organization that is based in Dubai, UAE. The organization is involved in medical research and education. The mission statement of the organization says that they are promoting medical education and research by investing in the home grown population by providing them with scholarships related to medical fields (“Mission, Vision & Goals | Al Jalila Foundation,”). The part where I think I will fit in is where the organizational activities are located. The organization plans different projects like advocating for research activities, conducting seminars and workshops regarding creating an awareness about health issues, collecting donations (“Programmes | Al Jalila Foundation,”) and working in collaboration with international partners (“International Collaborations | Al Jalila Foundation,”). My courses like International Finance Management will help me in projects related to dealing with financial matters of domestic and international donations for the organization. The courses related to seminars will help me become a better communicator and speak in the presence of other people during organizational seminars and workshops to create awareness and collect donations. Operations management course will be guide me to learn to monitor, execute and evaluate different organizational operations. It is non-profit organization which does not deal with producing merchandizing products but it does offer health services to the local population. Therefore, operational management course will prove to be helpful in designing these service delivery systems.

Jumeirah Hotels

Jumeirah is a worldwide luxury hotel chain owned by the Jumeirah Group. Jumeirah Hotel platform has been used by the Group to offer hospitality management services (“Jumeirah”).  Jumeirah is striving to grow even bigger on the world stage, therefore they are always growing and require creative and dynamic people to apply to their jobs. The currently have hotel development projects going on in Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe (“Jumeirah Portfolio”). I would try to apply to Jumeirah’s development team in the future as I think it is closely related to what I am currently studying and planning to study in the future. My business studies will be helpful in this regards. Jemeirah Global Developmental teams consists of professionals from around the world (“Meet the Team – Jumeirah Group”), therefore, I will have an opportunity to grow as a part of an multinational team and utilize my educational skills like International Finance, International Financial Management etc. The organization has many business processes like providing hospitality services and seminar and workshop rooms and halls. I will have the opportunity to utilize my business communication skills to deal with clients who require these services. I will also be able to have a prior knowledge of the seminars and workshop conduction thanks to my seminars related courses. It will be easy for me to understand different business processes related to the design and provision of hospitality services because of theoretical perspective that I will built with the operational management course.

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