Individual Interview

Tim Wise – An Author and Anti-racism activist

Tim Wise has just been famous and made his own name not only by writing any of the books but his main work revolved around the racial discrimination and his memoir is “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son” in which he has openly challenged the leaders from all over the world to confront the burning issues like race, racism and racial equality.

Tim believed that American school system is a breeding ground for racial hatred. He was critical of the way parenting is done where the kids are not encouraged to make friends with people from races other than their own. He was very critical of the social system which he believed did not encourage communication between different people in the society. This is why the gap has broadened and people are not discussing issues related to racial and gender discrimination the way they should.

In my opinion Tim has crystal clear ideas about social discrimination and he provides a great model to be followed. He himself is a white person but he is totally against a white domination in the society. This stance signifies his commitment to his cause. He has developed healthy relations with people from all walks of life and writes and speaks about social equality. He attends seminars and workshops to exchange know how with other leaders and experts on the topic of discrimination. He also remains in constant contact with members and representatives of the society.