Individual Interview

Brandi Collins as Media Justice Director in Color of Change

I have been greatly moved by this selected leader, Brandi Collins who has been engaged in various activities controlled by the civil rights group and has strived for the removal of racial discrimination prevailing over many years in U.S.A. I asked deliberately her for a one-to-one meeting in relation to my selected arena of racial discrimination as I am also interested in joying a movement or start my own to fight against racial discrimination.

Through the organization Color of Change, Brandi has tried her best to bring forward the burning issues of racial inequality into public discussion on an off internet. Brandi is a self-made person who believed that there is a leader in all of us. She stressed all of us have a responsibility to address the evils like racial discrimination in our own way. She had chosen to connect with other like-minded people from her own home by starting a web-based portal to highlight the injustice that is taking place against the black community in general and black youth particular. She said that she wants to lead the way to a better society where every citizen is treated equally irrespective of the color of their skin.

Brandi loves to talk about her ideas and she has a great potential to be a future leader against racial discrimination. I asked her about why she is interested in the rights of black people only? Why not talk about the rights of other segments of the society as well who feel let down by the social setup? She said that as a person all of us have a capacity to perform a certain amount of work. She said that it might not be possible to focus on many things at once. So she focuses on only the rights of Black-Americans and the discrimination they face during their daily life. I found her soft spoken and clear about her ideas and what she stands for. She surely is an inspiration for many people.