You are all doing a degree in Information technology Write down a short explanation of IT as a career for a non-technical friend?

Information Technology (IT) has emerged as the backbone of all business activities in the recent times. IT sounds to be a career that is specific to technical people but it has enormous opportunities for non-technical people as well. Huge IT companies like Facebook, Apple, Pinterest, Twitter and many more employ many non-technical people as part of their companies who are involved in different business development activities at these companies. Many other companies employ staff who don’t have to be technical to run perform many activities related to IT e.g. you, as a non-technical could well be the head of the social media department of a company that would be responsible for an active presence of the company on different social media platforms.

Business have evolved quickly in the near past. Businesses require its non-technical staff to be aware of the basics of IT. Almost all of jobs require an understanding of using word processing systems and using emails which are pure IT products. Therefore I believe that it would be an added advantage for non-technical people to be aware of basic IT technology and hence be able to work as a non-technical person in a technical job environment.