Compare and contrast at least two (2) operating systems that are available today for use on personal computers and / or mobile devices. If you were considering the purchase of a new computing device (i.e., desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet), explain which one you would select. Then, include three (3) reasons as to why you would choose that type.

I would like to compare Android and IOS, both are operating systems for smart phones. IOS is specific to the iPhone series by Apple Inc. While Android is by Google and is used on many smart devices like Samsung, Sony and Oppo etc.

If I were to consider the purchase of either of an Android or IOS device, I would definitely consider IOS device i.e. the iPhone. IOS is specific to iPhone and is in the market for a long time as compared to Android. IOS is more immune to viruses compared to Android as the monitory system to upload an application to IOS store is strict than Google Android. IOS has longer battery times than Android.