What are three ethical questions you ask yourself when you are making an important decision?

I personally believe that it is not the set legality of an issue that we should be concerned about when making a decision. Ethics are important as this could be a volunteer decision and might not be forced by any law and might have no legal penalty.

As a person, who is responsible to make decisions at different times in my life, I ask many ethical questions from myself. Following are the first three questions that I ask myself.

  1. I ask myself about what my actual motives are? As humans, we do lie to ourselves and hide behind excuses about our motives. I personally try not to lie to myself when it comes to identify my actual motives behind my decisions. This helps me avoid manipulations and be clear about my decisions.
  2. I ask myself about the long term consequences that could be the results of my decisions. There are many times when a decision can have reasonable outcomes in the short term but the long term consequences could be catastrophic.
  3. I ask myself about the legality of the decision I am about to make. As I said earlier, there are many legal unethical things. So I try to follow the ethical principles.