What are the three E’s of Fair Process?  Define each in your own words.

The three E’s of Fair Process are, Engagement, Explanation and Expectation Clarity. Each is defined in the following.

  1. Engagement: It means engaging all those people in the decision making process who are going to be affected in any way from that decision. It could be coworkers, stakeholders, top and lower management, customers and so on.
  2. Explanation: It means taking into confidence all the people who are going to be affected by the decision about why a certain decision is made. People might have doubts about the motives of the decisions and it is important to clear those doubts.
  3. Expectation Clarity: This means to be clear about what is expected of whom. Each person who is involved in the problem solution as a result of a certain decision has to be clearly told about what is expected of him/her.