How do you think this commitment affects Rockwell’s ability to compete?

Discussion: In my opinion the commitment of Rockwell International to employ and train hard-core unemployed people can be beneficial in terms of production and competing with other businesses. I believe that if you provide an opportunity to the hard-core unemployed to improve their life with a job, they would definitely be indebted to the company and will show an unparalleled loyalty to the goals of the company. Bartel, (1991) conducted a study in the manufacturing sector to assess the relationship between employ training programs and their productivity. The results of the study suggested that companies that were operating much lower than their expected labor productivity levels had enormously improved their labor productivity after they had introduced employ training programs. Of course in the case of Rockwell we are talking about the hardcore unemployed but in my opinion training coupled with the amount of trust that they put in the unemployed would yield positive results in regards to their expected labor productivity.