Steve Jobs Movie Report

Steve Jobs is a 2015 movie based on the life of Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Company. . The role of Steve Jobs is played by Michael Fassbender. The movie is based on real events from Steve Job’s life personal and professional life. His life was full of tragedies and successes. He had to deal with personal problems like the issues related to his ex-girlfriend and their daughter at the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur. He was fired from the vary company Apple that he co-founded and had to lead the company again towards the unknown frontiers of success. In my opinion the movie has demonstrated the ultra-genius nature of Steve Jobs and his perfectionist style of management coupled with his demanding nature that was not always appreciated by his staff members.

The movie gives us an insight the leadership style of Steve Jobs and how he has influenced his team members in achieving excellence. Steve jobs leadership style is very unconventional. He had been blunt about criticizing. His criticism, sometimes seems derogatory and non-constructive.  But on the other side he has been able to articulate his creativity and use the diverse skills of his staff to produce excellent products. In the movie when he is asked by his actual role he replies “Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.” It suggests he knew how to direct his product designers, programmers and engineers in a direction where the accumulated sum of these skills would be a unique product.

In another scene, Steve Jobs recognizes his leading style to be controlling in nature. But he argues that the urge to control is a result of his deep down feeling of powerlessness when he was abandoned by his parents when he was just a child. This scene confronts us with the fact that the developmental history of a person effects his/her leadership or managerial role in the future. Leadership is a mixture of nature and nurture.

Steve Jobs newer lost trust in his own capabilities. This is why he was able to become the CEO of Apple once again in 1998, 10 years after he was fired from the same job. The company was struggling at that time with the unsuccessful venture of Macintosh and it needed a product that could put it as the front runner in the technology market. Steve Jobs was the major factor in launching the iMac which brought Apple back in the market. This has a lesson for us as professionals. There will be setbacks and hurdles, but we have to strive to utilize our best abilities and newer lose trust in ourselves.

The movie also sheds light on the importance of preparedness in one’s professional life. Steve jobs used to work hard on his presentations. He was also focused on what the audience expectations were and tried his level best to deliver what they wanted.  As a manager or a leader in any organization it is of utmost importance to be fully prepared for whatever task is ahead. Success without preparedness is impossible.

Before Apple products, technology lacked one thing, its presentation was not focused on what the users would enjoy. The iMac was just another computer like PC by Microsoft but the overall shape of the machine was carefully selected to offer a lovely view in the eyes of the purchaser. Steve Jobs always tried to offer products that were in his words “it’s warm, it’s playful and it’s inviting.” This idea opened a new window for organizations and they started investing in creative user interfaces. The goal of technology changed from “just technologically advanced products” to “technologically advanced user interactive products.”

I would like to conclude that Steve Job was no doubt a visionary. The movie is both a powerful tribute to the achievements of Steve Jobs and a critique to his leadership style. It gives us an overview of a person who would do just anything to achieve his set goals.