Do some research on virtual teams. Look for 2-3 reputable sources.  Name two or three things you learned about virtual teams.

The concept of virtual teams has revolutionized the modern organizational functioning where the team members are connected via internet to contribute to an organizational task (Powell, Piccoli, and Ives, 2004). I did an online research on the topic and found the following related things interesting.

Virtual Teams versus Face‐to‐Face:  There are many pros and cons of virtual teams as compared to face-to-face teams. The most interesting that I believe is the advantage of the virtual team ss that the there is a greater room get an exact match for a job specifications (Warkentin, Sayeed, and Hightower, 1997). It means that there is some probability that an exact match for the job specification might not be available to be physically present at the physical office space. Being a virtual team dilutes this complication.

Cost-effectiveness of virtual teams: Virtual teams does not require to rent a physical office space and there are no utility bills. Research has indicated that virtual teams are cost effective organizational forms (Lipnack and Stamps, 1997).

Trust building in virtual teams: Research has indicated that trust building in virtual teams is challenging because humans rely to a greater extant of face-to-face communication to build and strengthen trust (Jarvenpaa and Leidner, 1998).