27) Theophany means the appearance or manifestation of a god or a deity to a human being. The most appropriate example in my opinion is the appearance of God to Moses.

28) The two central theological themes of Torah are: The divine election where God choses a special human being to complete God’s mission on earth and the redemption by God of the people He chooses to worship him.

29) Q source is a collection of sayings that is considered to be the sayings of Jesus. They are considered to be orally transmitted from the initial church of Christianity.  These saying or Q are found in the Gospels of Mathews. It is also found in Luke but not in Mark.

30) The conflict between Paul and Peter was at the time when Gentile from paganism started to convert to Christianity. Peter considered circumcision to be necessary for the Gentile while Paul was of the opposite view.

31) The stories of Gospels were significant as they tell us about the divinity of God. It tells us about the miracles God had given to Jesus Christ which made it certain that there is a confirmation that it was the Kingdom of God that Jesus was in. He could cure the blind and rise a dead person.

32) Creed means to “believe”. It points to the set of believes that provided a foundation to the Christian faith after a few centuries of the death of Jesus Christ. These creeds also provide the Christians to express their believe system. For example was Jesus a God or both God and Human.

33) Evangelicals has many distinctive features from other forms of Christianity. Evangelical believe consider it as a part of their faith to preach Christianity to others. They also consider the death of Jesus to be the central to the understanding of the Evangelical faith. They believe that humans will be saved due to the sacrifice of Jesus.

34) Schillebeeckx consider Christ to be the basic sacrament because Jesus is the sign of love by God and He is the source of redemption. Jesus is the only way to reach out to God. While Church is the place that provide an opportunity to reach out to Jesus so it also considered as Sacrament.

35) Catholicism consider humans were not sent to earth totally corrupt and sinful. They can only be saved by faith and Jesus. Orthodox Christianity believe in the original sin and believe that through the resurrection of Jesus and due to his passion only, all of our sins will be forgiven and we can find salvation.

36) Both Muslims and Jews reject the concept of the original sin. Both of these religions do not consider Jesus to be God or the son of God.