Azjen’s Theory of Planned Behavior

In the provided case study, it is pertinent to understand the variables and their implications in case you want to use Azjen’s theory to devise an intervention. I would have a detailed analysis of what the behavioral believe of the subject is in regards to what kind of results he/she is expecting by engaging in such a behavior, in our case drug addict. Subjects should be asked about what are the positive and negative implication of their attitude towards using drugs. Open ended questions are best for a subjective analysis of the subject behavior. I would gather information about the subjective norms or what is patients significant others i.e. parents, friends and teachers behavior that might be influencing the drug addiction. Then I would ask about the willingness of the patients to get into a program of rehabilitation. This would provide me with an idea of what are the strengths and weaknesses of the patient and how would they affect the treatment process.

All of the above information is necessary to devise a plan in which the patient and their significant others have an active part when an intervention plan has to be devised. Research has shown that the involvement of significant others have a great impact on the health care plan of patients (Sprangers and Aaronson, 1992).  I would try to conduct interviews with any or all of the significant others. Have their input into the treatment process and devise a plan in which the patient feels to be supported.

I believe that patients should be made aware of the consequences of their addiction. They should be provided with literature that tells them about the negative affects their addiction might have and the benefits of quitting the addiction and starting a normal life. This could act as a great reinforce. Low cost reinforces like offering clinical privileges can also play a vital role in drug rehabilitation. Research suggest that urine test during patient’s visits also has reinforcement effects (Stitzer, Bigelow and Liebson, 1980). I would make periodic urine test as a part of the drug rehabilitation therapy.