Apply Daniel’s ABCs to a situation at work or at home.  Do the analysis.  Any discoveries?  What could change (A, B, C) that might help the situation?

Discussion: According to Daniels’s ABCs, the observable behavior (B) should be treated in the context of the prior circumstances or antecedents (A) and the outcome of the behavior or consequences (C) (Shabani, Wilder, and Flood, 2001). This is a useful technique if we want to look at the behavior of people at work or home to understand the overall context of the situation instead of starting a blame game or establishing stereotypes.

Situation analysis and discoveries: As a requirement of this assignment, I would like to apply the concept of ABCs to a situation where my brother had failed an exam back home. He was upset as my father was angry. At that time I also supported my father and thought that this is all a mistake of my brother who did not prepare well for the exams. My father said that he is going to lock away my brothers Play Station as he is playing games all the times and not focusing on his studies. What remember of that time is that my brother was not playing games on his Play Station at the time of his exam preparation. He used to sit with his books but he used to complain that he is not happy at the school as the teaching staff is very harsh in punishing students. He wanted to change his school but all of us at home were of the view that he is making excuses.

Now, after I have studied Daniel’s ABCs concept, I can rethink and make some discoveries about that situation. First is that his visible behavior (B) of my brother was not without a reason, as we looked at it this way. I heard another of his friend complaining about the teacher’s behavior as well. So, here I can draw the conclusion that the prior circumstance or the environment of the school, the antecedents (A) were not suitable for my brother to focus on his studies. Therefor the outcome of that situation or consequences (C) were the failure of my brother and the stressful environment that was created at our home.

What could change to help the situation? I believe that the whole situation could have been managed in a more meaningful manner if we, especially my father had listened effectively to my brother when he was upset about his teacher’s behavior and done something about it. In other words the antecedents (A) could have been managed in a different manner that how the actually were managed. This could have brought positive changes in my brother’s behavior (B) towards his studies and the consequences (C) could have been different. My brother might have passed and we would have a positive influence on our home’s environment. My father would not have been mad at him and we would have been able to create a more supportive environment at home.