Americans have developed what has been called a “microwave mentality.” We like quick service, instant food, and fast results. Does this describe you as a customer?

Discussion: The microwave mentality, like many other, describes me as a customer. There is an urge in human psychology to get things instantly. They want their desires to be fulfilled as soon as possible. In Freudian psychodynamic approach it is called “Id”, (Alexander, Glueck and Lewin, 1935) the part of mind that wants the desires to be meat without a need to wait any longer or think about the availability of the resources needed to. I do not imply here that the psychodynamic approach is scientifically correct. I only mean that the concept of Id can be used to signify our quick urges. This urge to get things instantly has been identified by companies and they utilize it in their business models. These companies understand that this is one of the factors in the customer’s defined quality (Goetsch, Davis, & Goetsch, 2010, p. 136).

I and many of my friend are most of the times interested in popping to a restaurant and departmental stores where there are shorter delays in the delivery of services. Businesses have also introduced services that insure the delivery delays to be shortened. For example in different restaurants and departmental store there are self service counters. This has resulted for the businesses to satisfy their customers as well save money of sales assistants on the checkouts.