What American companies besides Federal Express base their success on NOW service?

Discussion: Amazon is a prime example of a company that has based their services on the NOW concept. They have been spending enormous amount of finances to ensure that their customers get their products on “the same day”. Amazon are now offering around 1 million items that can be delivered on the same day across America (“Amazon.com: Same-Day Delivery,”). According to amazon website there are no extra charges on the same day service. This could mean that there are financial reparations on providing this service. But in my opinion, this would increase their customer base rapidly as everyone want everything “NOW”. At the moment the service is provide to prime members with purchase of $35 or above but amazon plans to extend this service to even more customers with time.

Apart from amazon and FedEx, UPS, DHL, Burger Kind, McDonald’s, Subway and many other companies are focusing on NOW and this has been one of the factors ensuring their success.