Situational Characteristics and Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is influenced by different situational characteristics that is used to explain the variation in their behavior (Russel, 1975). A careful consideration of these characteristics is necessary in order to conduct an objective consumer behavior research. In the following discussion I have provided an overview of the three main situational characteristics in relation to Heineken Beer.

Social Surroundings

People are greatly influenced by the social setup they are present in. Our clothes, the type of music we listen to, the food we eat and many other life preferences are mostly influenced by our surrounding. Heineken give a close consideration to what people do in order to be a part of a society. For example Heineken has different advertisement strategies for different countries. So if there is a football coming up in a football loving country, they would develop football related advertisement as people who do not consume much beer in normal days will probably consume more with their family and friends in football season.

Task Definition

The main reason a purchase is made by a consumer is the task definition or defining why and for whom the purchase is made. Market researchers use the information about the reason why a customer is buying a product to devise marketing plans. Heineken introduced their 6 pack Christmas Bucket In‑text: (“1983 Advertisement Heineken Beer Lager Green Bottle 6 by fromjanet,” n.d.) which appeals to those consumers who want to give it a Christmas gift to their loved ones. The design of this bucket was much different than what it would look like if one had to buy it for personal consumption.

Antecedent States

The characteristics of a human being that are variable are called antecedent states (Stayman and Deshpande, 1989). For example the mood of a person is not going to remain in a static state. Most of the advertisement by different companies including Heineken depict that it will change your mood to be more positive and cheerful. Heineken target the emotional status of people by posing to be something that is a mood changes in their advertisements.