Project Organization

It is a structure that is used to make sure that the project activities are carried out with a proper coordination among the project team members. Project organization involves the identification of key roles and responsibilities. It can also be used for effective mobilization of a new project and to develop team charters. In short, project organization governs all key control and performance factors that are incorporated to project teams.

Project Scheduling Purpose

The main purpose of project scheduling is to plan and organize all the project related activities so that the project is completed successfully and on time. When the project scheduling is carried out prior to a project, all the milestones are set and all the obstacle are predicted and plausible solutions to these obstacles are identified. Project scheduling provides a controlling mechanism to the project activities to perform all these activities smoothly and effectively according to the project plan.

Slack Time

In project management, there are requirements for different task may be ahead of the time they are planned to mean different milestones and deadlines. So if new task are introduced by temporarily halting these tasks, the overall progress of the project is not disturbed and project is completed on time. The time that the task can be temporarily halted is known as slack time.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is the core idea that should ideally drive the present age technological and economic growth and rapid development. It is a kind of development that ensures that the future of the coming generations is not compromised to fulfill our present needs.