Painting Reflection

The painting consists of a great combination of green and red with yellow being place with care to provide the painting with a great outlook. The focal point of the painting seems to be a lady sitting in the middle of what looks to be a garden. It seems that she is waiting for someone to come to her for a long time but the waiting has been in vain. She seems to be lost in the moment. It is not clear if she is enjoying the moment or not. The painting presents a calm environment where there is no disturbance. This is a spring season and the flowers are in full swing. I could signify myself to the women sitting in the lawn among the beautiful flowers. She is as lonely as I feel sometimes in my life. It’s like you have a lot of happiness but no one to share it with. The environment is beautiful there are flowers and greenery, but what can you do when you don’t have the energy to enjoy such a beautiful surrounding. Life is made up of the people who are neat to you and who love you. If you have all the wealth of the world but no one to share your joyful time with, all the wealth is in vain.

I wish that the wait of the lady is finished and she meets the love of her life that she is so passionately waiting for. Just like I have waited for people in my life to be in peace with me but I have always felt rejected. Even the ones that have been physically close to me just like the calm environment in the painting, have been emotionless. I have always longed to express my emotions but my society won’t allow it as I am a female. I believe that paintings are the best way to express your emotions when you are living in an environment where you get rejection and sorrow for expressing your feelings and emotions.