1. Weight application bank is the process of collecting data from applicants of a job and then scoring that data qualitatively. The responses provided to the specific items of the application are used to do the quantities scoring.
  2. Face validity is the extent to which the test seems to be relevant to what it is used to measure. It is a subjective appearance of a test to be able to measure the variables it is supposed to measure. On the other hand content validity is how well a test measures the variables for which it is used. It is the objective measure of these variables.
  3. Reliability: I the results of a test remain consistent if the test is retaken in the same environment repeatedly, it is considered to be reliable. It is also called test retest reliability.
  4. Behaviorally anchored rating scales or BARS are used to make a comparison of a person’s performance against specific behavioral variables identified in terms of numerical ratings. BARS are beneficial in the employee appraisal.

Part IV


Validity: It refers to the usefulness of a test in terms of how accurately it measures the desired variables. For example a job applicant is measured for type writing skills with the help of a test and he/she scores well. After he/she is given the job, if he is really good with the typewriter, the test is said to be valid.

Predictive Validity: It is the extent to which a test can make predictions of scores on some criterion measure. For example, a test is used for job performance and a supervisor also provides performance score. Then the predictive validity is the test score’s correlation to supervisor’s performance score.

Concurrent Validity: It is the extent to which the outcomes of a test corresponds to outcomes of previously validated test for the same properties. For example a new test has a specific validity for decision making skills. With concurrent validity, we would compare it to the validity of previously established tests for decision making skills.

Content Validity: For example we have certain questions in a job application to assess some specific characteristics of the applicants. The content validity would refer to how much the questions measure the specific characteristics or in other words how related the questions are to the characteristics we want to measure.

Selection Devices:

Application Forms: This device is used to get desired set of data from the applicant. It is a reliable source as the questions asked could be fixed with usually each applicant providing the one of the expected answer. It could not be marked as a valid source as applicants can fake their skills and once they get the job they might not demonstrate these skill that they mentioned on the application form.

Written Tests: These test are constructed with systematic scientific research and that is why they have high validity and reliability.

Physical Examination: These are valid tools for jobs that require a certain physical fitness.