Cultural leveling and daily life

I would like to talk about the cultural leveling concept of sociology and its usefulness in my day-to-day life. The basic idea of this concept of sociology is that cultures are becoming more and more alike. Henslin (2015:35) has suggested that cultural variables like language, beliefs and behaviors are passed on from one to another generation. But we can say here that it not only one generation to another in the same culture but this happens in a generation in one culture passing on cultural variables to same generation in another culture. I have observed this phenomenon happening within the present world and for me it has become a part of my life to adopt to new cultural things that are not from my culture. For example I can talk about how I dress now is very different from how I used to dress a few years back. Also I have seen that now I use many English words in my mother tongue. This I believe passed on to me by watching English movies. Internet and electronic media play an important role in the phenomenon of cultural leveling. When I use internet and watch foreign movies, I can really observe that it has impact on my language skills and also on my behavior that would otherwise not happen. Whenever I meet new people, I can go to internet and know quickly about the norms in their cultures and when next time I meet them, I can take care of the norms and also their likes and dislikes. In the same way I feel that others who see me know a lot about my culture. This is all due to the world cultures getting mixed due to the internet and other media. I hope that each culture can adopt the good things from the other cultures and we will then live in a better world.