How did Cell Phones Change our lives? 

The emergence of new technologies has had a great impact on our lives. Technology has become an important part of our lives in the 21st century. There are new ways to travel from one place to another. Everyone has a TV at home to watch a variety of channels including entertainment, news, science, sports, religion and much more. One of the important addition to the modern life is the mobile phone. Its use has been modifying day by day. Mobiles were supposed to be used for talking to each other but at the present they have become just like a computer which can be used for almost anything that a computer can do. There is much debate about how these mobiles changed our lives. Some think that they are for good while other think their use has more disadvantages than advantages.

We used to use our laptops and desktops to check emails but now the mobile phone has almost taken over this job. Whenever there is a social gathering, we find the majority of people using their phones and ignoring each other. In a recent article in New York Times, a research study has been quoted suggesting that 89% of mobile phone owners used their mobiles phone instead of engaging with the other participants in their last social gathering (“Stop Googling. Let’s Talk. – The New York Times”). The study further suggests that 82% of these people did not feel happy about it. I am not sure why do a majority of us do not feel happy about using our phones while we should be enjoying the moment but still use it? Even some studies suggest that mobile phone users use their phones where it is banned or not legal to use it (Bianchi, Adriana, and James, 40). Another qualitative study conducted by Shari, Katherine and Ross (2007) has suggested that some young people are extremely attached to their mobile phones and show symptoms of addiction. The participants of the study were 16 to 24 years old Australians.

I agree that there are many disadvantages of mobile phones but what about the advantages? It is a fascinating mobile communication technology that has rapidly developed in a shorter span of time (Katz 120). Consider that you have to wait for an important email and you need an internet connection and a device that you can always keep with you. In such a situation you cannot keep your laptop or desktop with you all the times. Mobile comes to your rescue. There are hundreds and thousands of apps that let you listen to music, play games, watch videos, listen to lectures and prepare presentations on the go and much more

Mobile phones have been very beneficial in underdeveloped countries in a sense that there are no other wired communication sources to connect people living at small villages to the health care facilities and engage in other economic and social activities. A study carried out by Jenny and Isaac (2010) in underdeveloped areas of Sub-Saharan Africa found mobile phones to be a key factor in the economic and social development of these areas.

I would like to conclude my discussion by suggesting that it not the mobile phone that is either good or bad. In my opinion it’s the user who is to be blamed for misusing a very useful device. There are countless thing in this world that can be used for either good or bad purposes. Count mobile phone as one of them. We need to start using our mobile phones where it is necessary and there is no way of avoiding it. Also I don’t imply that it should not be used to play a few games. I find it refreshing to try mobile apps for fun but not all the times. I think this is how it should be. We should try to give our friends and family the attention that they deserve and in the free time we can do whatever we want.