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Date ___10/21/2015_

Career Planning Form

Department of History and Political Studies

Washington Adventist University

DEFINITION:  For the purposes of this exercise, career planning is the statement of where you are, where you would like to be, and the steps required to get from here to there.

PLANNING YOUR CAREER: In this exercise, you will plan your career in 9 steps:

  • STEP 1: Write a statement of where you would like to be in 10 years.  Examples are:  practicing law, a history teacher in a private school, a graduate student in a public policy program, a rising employee of the Congressional Research Service, a staff member of a specific Member of Congress.  You should take the time to conduct some research on career alternatives by (1) studying available materials on the careers you are considering and (2) talking with persons who are well into these careers.
  • STEP 2: Write a statement of your present status, about where you stand at the present time, including your knowledge base and skill set.  You may want to include information on your present responsibilities, financial condition, emotional status,
  • STEP 3: Indicate the things/events that must happen to assure that you get from where you are to where you want to be in 10 years.  List separately those you can influence or control and those you cannot.
  • STEP 4: Forecast those things/events that you CANNOT influence or control.
  • STEP 5: Indicate alternative pathways to reach your objective out from combinations of these things/events you CAN influence or control IN THE CONTEXT of the forecasts you have made of those things/events that you CANNOT influence or control.  If appropriate, generate several alternative pathways to your objective.
  • STEP 6: Note the benefits and costs of each these alternative pathways.
  • STEP 7: Select the pathway that makes the most sense according to your analysis.
  • STEP 8: Write your career plan.
  • STEP 9: Add any additional thoughts you may have about the future you have planned for yourself.  Keep in mind…this is for you.  You may want a few others to see it or even to help you develop it, but no one should see it without your explicit invitation.





Where would you like to be in 10 years?




I wish to have a career in Computer Sciences field as a Technology Officer in the coming 10 years. I am extremely interested in how people interact with computers. As a technology Officer at a software company, I would be able to design, develop and implement user-friendly interface and software for people with low computer literacy skills.




What is your present status?


I have recently moved to the United States from Saudi Arabia in order to pursue a degree in Computer Sciences. I am currently enrolled in a graduate program at the Washington Adventist University. I have resume my education after a long gap. I know the basics in computer science. I believe that within the coming 4-5 years I will have enough computer sciences skills to pursue my career dreams.




What things/events are needed to achieve your objective?

Things/events you CAN influence or control


I have enough financial resources available to support my studies.

I am motivated enough to learn computer science subjects.

I have many supporting friends and teaching staff who are always ready to guide me on my request.


Things/events you CANNOT influence or control


I do have social adjustment issues as I belong to a very conservative society back at my home country. I think I would need time to adjust to the new social norms.

My family can sometimes be a bit non supportive when it comes to my career choice. I always have to persuade them even in doing something I love to do. They are also worried for my health and safety. This sometimes gets me annoyed. I have to let them feel comfortable about my safety and health.

I belong to a conservative society and this is very difficult for women to work at male dominated organizations.




Forecast things/events that you CANNOT influence or control.


I am always doubtful about the attitude of my family about my studies. I wish that they do not order me to quit studying or change my career path.

The courses at the university are also very advance in relation to what I already know about computer sciences. Sometimes I get worried about my capabilities and the difficulties that I face during my studies.

There is also no guarantee that I will be able to get my desired job position in the coming years.





What are the alternative pathways to reach your objective, generated from combinations of things/ events you CAN control?

Choosing a career pathway is not a fixed thing. I am personally aware that there will be changes in what I want to be after 10 years compared to what I might decide otherwise during these years.

I f I do not get a chance to pursue career in computer sciences, I would definitely continue my studies in some other areas. My ultimate goal to to be able to help computer illiterate people in getting to know computer know how. I believe I can achieve the same task by studying at the field of humanities and when I am back home I can organize computer or any other social events at homes with my other female friends back in Saudi Arabia.


What are the benefits and costs of each pathway?


The benefit of the different pathway that I have suggested is that I will be able to achieve my goals but from a different perspective. When I choose to help females at their homes, I will then have to confront less social pressure.

The cost is my actual passion for the field of computer sciences. I really love to be involved with computer related software and hardware. If I am not able to do so, I would definitely feel disappointed.




Select the preferred pathway and write your career plan.


My preferred pathway is my original plan to continue my computer science studies. I see myself to be a computer science graduate within the coming 5 years from the Washington Adventist University. After that I want to enroll in a Master’s Program in Computer Sciences at Adventist University or any other reputed university. I want to receive my Master degree within two years. After that I want to go back to Saudi Arabia. Over there I plan to join Riyadh Communications Company in Saudi Arabia which specializes in facilitating the older generation’s transition to modern day technology. I hope I’d be able to join there as a Technology officer. I see myself being promoted to the senior management level, with in the coming 9 to 10 years.


Any additional thoughts?

I believe that it not just time management skills that I need in addition to managing the obstacles that play negative role in the achievement of my life goals. I would also need to adopt to proper self-management strategies to be able to cross all the obstacles and achieve my life goals.