WooCommerce, The best e-commerce online application


WooCommerce is an online e-commerce application that is used to manage an online store to sell products in the form of soft items like electronic files or physical goods. The best thing about WooCommerce is that I can literally be setup and managed by just anyone without website and software development experience. It is easily setup with WordPress as its base Content Management System (CMS). WooCommerce has a huge open source community who make different plugins, both free and paid, that make the WooCommerce experience incredible.

How to setup WooCommerce?

The first step before WooCommerce can be put into action is to buy a webhosting and a domain name for the WooCommerce e-store. After this has been done, the second step is to install WordPress CMS. The third step is to install the WooCommerce plugin to the WordPress website.

Themes and plugins for WooCommerce

There are different options to setup an attractive theme for the WooCommerce e-store. These themes can be bought from different website like ThemeForest or WooCommerce itself. There are also different plugins that can be used to customize WooCommerce for best results. These plugins can be related to making the storefront attractive or to connect WooCommerce e-store with different payment gateways like PayPal and different other payment plugins helping maximizing sales with credit card users.

Setting up Products on a WooCommerce store

Setting up products to sell on a WooCommerce website is extremely easy. You just have to login to your WordPress Admin panel. Once logged in, there is a tab for Products after WooCommerce installation. Click the tab and then add new product. In the new product, the product images, prices, if it is on sale, and many other specifications related to the products for the e-store can be set.


WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce tool which is free of cost. Anyone interested in setting up an online store can utilize it. Watching a few YouTube tutorials about WordPress and WooCommerce setup can help master in both CMS.