Job performance and Job Satisfaction

Job Performance

The work that is expected to be performed by an employee and the quality with which the work is carried out is called job performance. Usually the management is expecting an employee to perform their duties that are assigned to them individually or groups.

How to get best performance?

To get the best work performance from an employee, the management might try to watch them all the times and check if they are doing their duties or not. This observation could have a profound impact on the performance of the employee which is also referred to as Hawthorne Effect (Natemeyer & Hersey, 2011) which could bring temporary improvement in performance. In my opinion this is not a good strategy. Employees should be given space and should be self-motivated to perform the assigned work.

Group Decision Making and Job performance

When decisions are made in group, this has a positive impact on the performance of the employees. Group decisions can minimize the risk involved in the performance of tasks as many people can think on reaching a decision. These people can use their collective knowledge to make correct decisions. If a single person makes a decision, there is a higher chance of a mistake and high risk is involved (Stoner, 1961).

Performance management

Managers can ensure that the employees are performing effectively by using performance management techniques. Managers can follow the following process.

  1. Know what tasks would lead to what outputs.
  2. Observe if the outputs are achieved.
  3. Provide feedback to employees to help them perform well.

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is directly related to the motivation level of the employees. If the employees are satisfied with their job, they will be motivated to perform their job. Maslow theory of motivation also requires the need of the people be met for them to be satisfied with their live (Natemeyer & Hersey, 2011). Maslow said that individual needs exists in an order. First of all basic needs should be met. This will result in some low level of satisfaction. At the higher level other higher needs are satisfied and high level of satisfaction can be achieved.

Job environment

Manager need to provide a good working environment to create good job satisfaction among the employees. Of the job environment is friendly and good communication with other employees and the management is possible, the employee will be happy and satisfied with the job. This is also related to good job performance. If the job satisfaction level is high, job performance will be high.

Employee Recognition

The manager should help the employees to solve problem during the job. When the employees do their job successfully, they must be appreciated. Recognition at job for good performance creates a satisfaction from the job and the employees will be happy for the job they are doing. The employees should get extra money in the form of bonus to motivate them. Salary increase is also a form of employee recognition. When the salary of the employees is increased, they feel happy and are satisfied with their job duties.


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Discussion Questions

  1. What are good work conditions in a company?
  2. Is training required to improve job performance?
  3. What is the role of feedback in an organization?
  4. What is the importance of communication for job performance?
  5. What is the importance of communication for job satisfaction?
  6. What is the relation between job satisfaction and job performance?