Integration of new technologies in the classroom

In the discussion bellow I have provided answers to the interview questions.

  1. Speaking of an education institution, education is the process of delivery of the course material by instructors to the students who can use this material to learn about the world around them in a profound manner. The use of technology has become an integral part of the education process. Technology has enabled us to use techniques that can provide the students an opportunity to get enlightened with the latest scientific knowledge discovered on daily basis. Different software and the internet are helping students and teachers make the learning process more interesting and beneficial.
  2. I would like to incorporate the internet to the learning process. I would emphasis on the establishment of new labs that have state of the art computer systems and the fastest internet possible. I would also provide the teachers with training to use multimedia in the class. We can also upload the lectures in video, audio or presentation for to an online system where the students can reach it from anywhere.
  3. $5 million is a good amount to introduce the latest technology to an education system. Would use 20% of the money on the necessary training that the teachers, the students and the school administration need in order to take full advantage of the new technologies that are going to be introduced. 60% would be used on purchasing the new technologies and establishing the laboratories and other technical infrastructure within the school. The remaining 20% would be used to hire any support staff related to the technical delivery methods with the newly introduced technology for short and long term.
  4. The support staff that I will hire will provide the teachers with the necessary training the need to take full advantage of the new technologies. I would request the administration to arrange paid training sessions for the teachers so that they are highly motivated for the task. With time, I will make it sure that the teachers get proper training for any new technologies introduced.
  5. There are several issues that will be encountered while introducing new technologies. First is the availability of the computer and other technical labs at the school. Second is the training that the teacher staff will need. Third is the resource persons necessary for the delivery of trainings to the teachers, forth is the allocation of funds to the whole process of transforming to new technologies.
  6. I believe that the life line of the project will expand over one and a half year. We will have to organize different activities like identifying specific problems in terms of the need for new technologies. Then allocate budget to different activities, purchase and install the new technologies and train teachers, students and school administration to use the technologies introduced.
  7. There are different parameters that can be used to assess the success of the process. We can look at the differences of the results in terms of class grades. We can also have feedback from students, teachers and parents about what is the difference between the traditional and the new technological processes? Is it beneficial or not? We will also be able to access the school results in the competitive exams that are conducted by outside authorities. We can also assess the efficiency of the online teaching processes and its cost effectiveness.
  8. I would thank the board and ask the following questions.
  9. What is the current status of different technologies that the school has?
  10. How much freedom would I have in utilizing the school funds to introduce new technologies?