Guide for writing a Business Plan for a Startup Business

Introduction to Business


Business Plan Instructions


You will work in small groups to develop a business plan for a fictitious company of your choice.  You are to use the business plan outline to develop your plan.  Use the information as a guide only, your business may not require you to include all of the information in the Business Plan document.  From the Business Plan document use the Cover page, Table of Contents and Executive Summary in your pan.  Using the Table of Contents, you are NOT required to complete the following sections:


  • Financial Plan
  • Redefining the Plan


  1. Your team will determine the type of company and business entity.
  2. Each team member will select sections of the business plan to complete for the over all plan development
  3. Your team will submit on Tueday, February 23 a list of who will be completing each section and who will be responsible for compiling the information.
  4. Your team is required to meet periodically to discuss the project. No one person should develop the ideas.  Everyone is to contribute.
  5. You will submit your draft sections to me on Tuesday, March 27
  6. Your team will submit the business plan to me on Tuesday, April 19
  7. Each group will present their business plan to the class for 30 minutes (25 minute presentation and 5 minutes for questions) starting on Tuesday, April 21
  8. Your goal is to have the class vote to provide funding for your business. Each class member will be given a criteria sheet to provide feedback on your presentation.
  9. You will be randomly assigned to time slots.
  10. You can be as creative as you want for your presentation.
  • You are required to give each classmate a copy of the Executive Summary.